Monday, April 29, 2013

Thanksgiving 2012

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving here at the Gabbard House.  We were once again asked to host and were glad to jump on the opportunity.  It is nice to be able to have it at your house when you have children that still nap.  Plus I actually have a few decoration for this holiday, so it was fun to put them up. 

We had a really good menu for the event and I got to use the chalkboard Craig made for Kennedy's birthday. 

He also painted a lazy susan at the same time, it is cute!

Here are some of the great desserts I made, cake balls, apple cheesecake bars and pumpkin woopie pies. 

Enough break to feed the neighborhood!

Paula Deen's Sweet Potato Casserole, it was a favorite. 

More thanksgiving decor. 

One of the people I am most thankful for!

Here is another one, love him!

Ham and all the fixin's

Cut that turkey mom!

The look I get when I want to take his picture!

Love my grandparents

She loves her uncle Bob!

Dad's turn to cut the turkey. 

We are ready!

A little exercise after that big meal. 

Time to relax and watch the game. 

Family picture time!

Yep, it was a good turkey.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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